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Author: John

DISCOUNT ALERT: $10 off @ Uber eats

Do you love food? Great. Do you love FREE food? Even better! Use the coupon code “eats-htwfs” to get a handy $10 off your first order at Uber eats. Step 1: download the Uber Eats app Step 2: order some delicious food Step 3: on the checkout, enter the coupon code eats-htwfs Step 4: enjoy your $10...

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FREE STUFF ALERT: free 200gb onedrive for Telstra customers

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: it turns out Telstra have a pretty sweet offer where existing and new customers may be eligible for a free 200gb Onedrive Cloud storage upgrade. The process is simple: log in to your Telstra account here and enter your Microsoft Onedrive (either that or create a new account) details. Ta-dah! Free 200Gb personal...

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App Review : Acorns – Investing with ‘loose change’

Acorns is a wildly popular app in the States that automatically invests ‘loose change’ and allows people to invest with small amounts. It has now arrived in Australia, so it’s time to have a good look at what it offers, how it works and what the pros and cons are. Free money alert: sign up to Acorns today through this link and receive a bonus deposit of $5 into your account! Acorns is an app that was developed in California and launched in 2014. The app’s primary purpose is to makes stock investing easy for the average Joe. You don’t have to deal...

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Why I slashed my Emergency Fund in half

The emergency fund is often hailed as a mandatory component of a sound personal finance plan. And whilst I agree that an emergency fund is necessary, I did recently cut my emergency fund in half. Allow me to explain why this may be a good idea in certain cases. Normally, people are advised to build an easily accessible emergency fund that covers six months of living expenses. The emergency fund is there to help you pay for large unexpected drains on your finance. Think of sudden medical costs, vehicle damage, home damage or a costly mistake in your tax return three years...

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The rule of 70; how long to double your money?

The formula for determining how long it takes to double your money is a bit tricky. Luckily, there is a simple shortcut that’s surprisingly accurate. Let’s take a little trip back to high school and do some basic algebra. We’re going to assume a deposit of $1,000 and an annual growth rate of 5%. How long would it take to double our money? $1,000 * 1.05x = $2,000. Where x = the amount of years, $1,000 is our initial deposit and $2,000 is our target of doubling our money. Dividing both sides by $1,000, we simplify to 1.05x = 2....

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