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Author: John

Why a million dollars is not enough

A million dollars. It certainly sounds like a lot. But it’s not enough to retire early. Not for me, and quite possibly not for you either. I currently live in Sydney, Australia. We’re going through a rather insane housing bubble over here at the moment, so housing costs are nothing short of astronomical. Add to that the fact that Australians have to pay outrageous prices for their groceries, beers and retail commodities and the conclusion is simple: this is a bloody expensive place. The golden rule of spending a maximum of one third’s of one’s income on rent therefore does not always apply...

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How I saved $1400 on Spotify

I love Spotify. The app is good, the music library is fantastic and it’s frankly the only reason why I no longer pirate music. The great part? I just saved $1400 using a new feature called the ‘family plan’. For those of you who’ve been living under a rock: Spotify is a music streaming service that gives you access to an immense catalogue of music. The music streams from Spotify’s global network of servers and to say that there’s a lot on offer is an understatement: the music library is absolutely insane. Spotify has saved me hours upon hours of obsessively downloading album art and...

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